Thousands of Kingdonia uniflora discovered at Four Girls Mountain

This rare plant, which originated 67 million years ago, has stringent requirements for its living environment, and is...

Environment | 06.18.2020

Tibetan children's interests nurtured at primary school

Aba County Minzu Boarding Primary School has offered its over 1,200 students, the majority of which are from the Tibe...

Sports &Adventure | 06.17.2020

Rhythms of ancient Tibetan folk performance

Actors wear white masks and brandish a crabstick, singing impromptu lyrics and expressing good wishes with dance move...

News | 06.16.2020


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Chatting about alleviating poverty with Zongji in Tibet

When the first rays of sunlight hit the fields in the early morning, Zongji, a villager from...